August was a very interesting month with ballsy rock mixes, quirky pop, chilled out beats to "in your face" Melbourne EDM which provided the perfect backdrop moving into the years spring weather.

The studio greeted Melbourne beat makers ODEN mastering their debut EP release Sassafras as well as some additional mastering for their future single releases and remixes from their catalogue.


We also welcomed back into the studio Great John Himself with their latest single release Turd in the Punch Bowl recorded by Tom Rouch at Avenue Studios in Niddrie.


To top it off, the studio had the pleasure of being met by Canadian EDM producer Marlon Doll at the studio for some stem mastering.

Would also like to congratulate Sárspell for making it onto the PROGFEST 2014 "The Best in Australian Progressive Music" compilation, featuring Sárspell's title track from their debut EP "Scorched to Ashes" mastered here at Panorama.