“Now the frontier has moved once again. Is digital audio really just ones and zeros? We don’t believe so.” AudioQuest Diamond USB 5m cable £1,259 (Source wathifi.tumblr.com)

Really? check the link to this product's purchase page just to see how out of hand some of this marketing really is.

This is a very left field example of an “over-technical” assessment of a tool and the bearing it will have on your music production or digital transfer quality. However being an active member of online producer communities, feedback forums and discussion boards it seems that these “over-technical” assessments of our tools, equipment and mixing/production techniques are becoming common ground, luring in the newcomers and the less-experienced with hope of the be-all and end-all answers to their qualms. In all respect these forums act as great tools for discussion/collaboration where there is a majority of open minded and intelligent people generating discussion about things us audio folk love to talk about.

Now, first and foremostly I don’t want to dispel the importance of audio equipment and production tools in the studio. However, with more audio processing ability in just our laptops than The Beatles were ever graced to have on any of their albums and the ease of use digital systems have compared to the fiddly cuts and re-edits required for 24-track tape recordings. I believe some of the community are relying too much on marketing jargon and its respective technology to their own detriment. A lot of the marketing for audio equipment and our studio tools is based around the hope it delivers us exactly what makes a great record a great record, great music. Yet, this couldn’t be further away from the truth. Technology and marketing will never deliver the solution for great music, what we hear and our ability to develop our own intuition in creating, composing, recording, producing, and mixing great records is something that no technology, plugin settings or flash set up can ever replace.