Happy new year from Panorama Mixing & mastering studio. A big thanks goes out to all the artists, producers and engineers who made 2014 a very exciting and enjoyable year at the studio. In continuing on with the good spirit, great music and fun times enjoyed during 2014 January delivered a great diversity in the music coming through the studio.

Engineer Nicholas Di Lorenzo has been graced with the opportunity mastering music for Ascension Brothers, Lurkal, Faure, Synth City Records(US), Sam Chee,Fohrenbach(US) and Milf(Italy) as well as mixing a record for Queensland based producer Caldwell.

The start of the year also saw Faure’s EP release Super Freak with Synth City Records Peaking on the Beatport Electro-house releases globally at #04 in mid-January.

On another exciting note to conclude this update, January also had the fortune of being graced by another ODEN single-release mastered here at Panorama, a Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around… Comes around FLIP. Enjoy.