Consultation & Coaching


Are you a skilled audio engineer needing to better engage the market with what you do? Whether you're stuck on client acquisition, brand positioning, project costing or future business planning, I’ll help you discover direction and applications to better your connection within the industry.

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Joining me in a consulting session will not involve being pandered a “work hard-provide value” narrative, which will make you feel good for the duration of the call and empty-handed afterwards. My experiences operating in the industry allow me to critically and objectively assess situations to provide practical solutions.


IN SESSION with Nicholas Di Lorenzo.

As an audio engineer not only am I an expert in my field but I've built and continue to operate my studio business through the skill sets which have helped me succeed in my positioning in the market, managing the financial structure and investments of my business and performing with a comprehensive and practical mindset.

Where is the value in a coaching session?

After booking in a consultation time, I'll reach out to schedule a time to talk. I'll also ask you a few questions to help generate some context for me;

  • What are your goals?

  • What do you feel is holding you back?

  • What would you like to focus on during the call?

Your consultation provides an opportunity to discover your problems on a deeper, more comprehensive level, explore the scope of the obstacles your facing and deliver on actionable solutions for your problem.

We summarise notes from and record the conversation to deliver a .pdf and audio file for you to reference at a later date.


Ready to engage with your market?