Before progressing to the upload please fill out this form so we can identify your project and be able to get in contact with you. Please ensure the file names you upload to the cloud services correspond to the information you supply us with in the form on the right.

At Panorama we use the following two cloud services to send and securely store project files being shared between us and our clients.

If you have a Dropbox or HighTail account upload the files to your account and share them to the nick@panoramamastering.com.au.

If you're new to cloud services and don't wish to register for a service here is a direct link to a form where you can upload your files securely to the studio.

Link: http://www.dropitto.me/panoramastudio
Password: newmusic

Once the upload is complete we receive notification, listen to your music and be in contact with you.

Name *
Please ensure his feild corresponds with the file you dropbox/hightail to the studio.
The contact number you provide us with is used solely for the studio's engineer to contact you in regards to your project.