Building your team as a career artist. MorningMaxwell

Foreword by Nicholas Di Lorenzo

The most significant gap I see between independent and signed artists is their support team and resources, most notably, the value an excellent A&R manager and their resources can bring to a project. Like most artists in the music industry, a crazy budgie smuggler wearing friend of the Panorama family Morning Maxwell's passion lies with making great music, playing great music and wanting others to feel that great music. During his career, he has produced and released precisely that with a team of peers with a like-minded vision. Not only is he a motivated individual fueled through collaboration with others, but he also instils a motivation to achieve in those around him and has successfully created independent teams to accomplish the common goal of creating great music.

Building your team as a career artist

by MorningMaxwell - Max Bishop

Being a part of collaborations is one of the most powerful things I experience working on a project and also witness from the outside looking in. Not only in music, but so many fields, you read stories of two brothers, a couple, two sisters, or a group of 3-4 like-minded people, working together with the same goal, to produce and create something incredible. Music making is an amazing thing, and when you have the right chemistry and energies in one room, you can make something seriously special. All the songs I have worked on I have worked with more than just myself and each song has someone and something different as a part of it. I mean the end of the day, how many people work on a Justin Bieber song? The main thing that spurred me was this opportunity to experience collaboration and see how much I could learn and how far it could take me.

Tryna Chill - Debut single - 275k+ Spotify Stream

Lachlan Milne - mixing, additional production, structural advice, sound advice
Bluey Moon - Vocals, constant meetups and chats about where the song was at
Nicholas Di Lorenzo - Mastering & great coffee
Cartel Management - promotion, artist direction, release plans
Hayden Jeffrey - recording, additional production, production advice
Lawrence Phelan / Ain Raadik / Angus Sinclair - media content, music video, press shots
Carla Scotto - graphic design/marketing

Making music is an incredible process - the goal usually being to make A BANGER. You listen to sections over and over again, and your ears become dead on it, you get too many opinions, you lose track of the goal, its an amazing process. I've learnt to love the process. My first proper single was Tryna Chill - this took me 9 months to make - obviously off and on, and some waiting time, but 9 months. That's a long time! Now, my next single has taken 1 year and 3 months to make! As time ticks on though, you learn new sounds, learn new keys, learn new production techniques, work with new people, create differently etc. I can now see why people never release music! But in all honesty, to actually achieve the goal, you have to be disciplined and hard on yourself, and you have to assertive in your decision making, otherwise you can literally sit on a song for 3 years.

The people I choose to collaborate with;

  1. People with a like-minded vision.

  2. Happy, positive and easy to spend time with

  3. Co-operative - it’s hard to find people that will give you ideas when the time is right, but more importantly listen to your ideas as well.

  4. They appreciate what I do and what I can offer

In Conclusion: I could use the same people to make my songs till I die, but what would the point of that be? I've improved so much learning from others, seeing how other people work, what other people use, etc. I've improved in different ways from different people, and I will continue to do this - everyone needs mentors, teachers, motivators!