Components of Long Lasting Music Careers

The destination doesn’t define us, the journey does.

In the music industry, our careers, and as creatives, we all work towards showing our identity, our true selves to the world. Often we see the imagery, success, and highlight reels of those we look up to and inspire us. We become so focused on getting to our destination; we diminish the importance of the journey to get there. More often than not, it's the journey that defines us, grows us and gives us the capability to fulfil ourselves. I've been the benefactor of seeing my clients over 3, 4, 5 years and more flourish through their journey, and others fall behind to the wayside by focusing efforts at shortcuts to TRY and arrive at their destination.

I am a big advocate for solid foundations, and moving forward with effort over time. I've seen success transition from bedroom producers releasing bootlegs on Soundcloud to releasing originals on Armada and having it aired by Armin Van Buuren on ASOT and from local Melbourne DJ's to touring Australia to racking up 1 million streams on Spotify. These things didn't happen overnight, these creatives persisted over long periods, continually and consistently improving upon their skill sets, understanding and their network.

So what are the things you can do for your journey in this industry?

  1. Build a track record;

    Effort over time! This is a big one. People vest themselves in those who vest themselves. Don't expect to blow-up overnight, play the long game, create meaningful, consistent connections of value and positioning in the market.

  2. Self-awareness

    This is the most challenging element for those to develop throughout their journey in the music industry. Letting go of the ego, stepping away from time to time and taking an overarching look at where you are and going is very important to make sure you haven't skewed away from your end goal

  3. Association & Status

    What does you and your music represent? How strong are your core values associated with your music and fanbase?

  4. Focus

    Razor-sharp focus and commitment to every aspect of your career and craft, will stop you from dropping any balls and maximising your efforts in every aspect of what you do throughout the journey. don't half-ass things

  5. Influence

    The opinions of others. Be a nice person, practice empathy and most importantly be reliable, people will have a lot to say about you. Make sure they're all good things, what people say when you're not int he room