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The studio’s mission is to achieve mixes which connects listeners with their music. There isn’t any easy “mixing” hack which allows us to do this; other than to listen our clients, listen to their material and help connect the dots.

The pain point for me; is when I see a track go out into the world; and the only effort an artist gives to help that music reach their audience is a “right-hook”; NEW SINGLE, GO LISTEN NOW. with a nice press shot on Instagram.

People don’t want to be sold; they want to buy. And it’s the jobs of those artists who create a valuable experience through their music to show the value of that music through the way they engage with their fans.

The Parallel I draw to this in my own career running a studio, is that it’s my job to show the value of what I do in the studio for those around me;

How do I do that?

I have reminders set up every hour on my phone to “document” and share snippets of my life in the studio; each hour; I’ll take a photo; write a blog post; shoot a quick video or share a story. Not asking anything from the people who engage with it, and only offering them value and insight for those who consume it.

This is all easier said than done;

I strongly encourage all music industry practitioners leading into 2020 to try it.

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