Audio Mixing & Mastering Services


We work to articulate your creative vision and sonic identity in a mix which connects listeners with your music

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We clarify what your goals are, separate your wants from needs and then determining with you, what the best course of action is to take to create a mix which will impact your listeners.

Sonic Identity

We collaboratively work with you to explore and define the unique qualities which set you apart; tone, shape, texture, dynamics, style, inspiration.



We provide access to vocal tuning, editing & alignment, drum replacement, sample replacement and guitar re-amping when needed to meet the best interest of your projects final mix.

Primary mix

Utilising the information we curate through discovery we build up a mix with the intent to connect your vision with the sound of your mix.



Secondary mix

With our structure and framework applied, we now begin to look more critically at the output to refine the alignment of applications with the sonic identity and parameters set out in the discovery phase.


We create masters and have working relationships with mastering engineers to best prepare your material to translate your mix accurately and tastefully in the real world.


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