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The Mission

Electronic dance producers need their music to have a sound which stands out from the crowd, especially in a live set. To achieve this, familiarity, flexibility and technique are all key factors. Our mission was to help them achieve a sound that not only stood out in a set but stood out on its own merit, whilst still satisfying the needs of a commercial dance-label's sound for the A&R's approval.

The Outcome

Drawing on years of a successful working relationship, we navigated the scope of the material and it's potential applications through a brief meeting, put together initial mixes for both the radio and extended edit, and upon receiving approval from the label's A&R Manager we made final creative tweaks, and rendered the deliverables for both digital distribution and press kits.

The Impact

Since the single's release, Right-O has used the record as a key reference in their, sets and press kits for planning and booking a dozen venues for a national tour, receiving consistent praise for their unique, and stand out sound.

Melbourne based Producer, Right-O with the label BeRich Records and in collaboration with Rore Grove brought to the table a dark deep-house club thumper for mixing. People recognise Right-O in Melbourne and abroad in London & Munich for their balance of tech-house and pop sensibilities. The aim of this project was to achieve a sound that presented its own grit, attitude and energy as a dark and deep club track, whilst still keeping a clean, open and defined commercial sound their fan base had become accustomed to. This was important to expand the producer's discography to a broader audience, specifically club-punters ahead of planning a nationwide tour.

Overall, the production arrived in good shape, a set of 12 stereo-stems, tasteful sound design and sound selection. We all agreed the crux of this mix succeeding and standing out in a club set was the weight and impact of the low end, but also recognised the need for the leads and vocals to be present and clean for the music to carry with it the identity and sensibilities Right-O have carried throughout their career.

The Foundation

A cosy 4th of July afternoon saw Anthony Agostino the man behind Right-O come into the studio to attend the mixing session. Knowing the task we had ahead, we determined a clear hierarchy to best satisfy the tastes of bass loving club goers and still appeal to the fan base who appreciated pop-sensibilities. We aimed to have the kicks presence underpin an purposely and overly present bass line → vocal and drop lead relationship.

The bass and vocals/drop leads acted as a tonal foundation for the track. No need for mix-bus EQ's, if we wanted a brighter overall sound either, drop the bass volume, or increase the leads. Nailing this balance from the get-go allowed us to bend all the other elements in the production to our will.

Devils in the detail

Every mix deserves a certain "Je ne sais quoi", which meant digging deep to find that extra dimension that would set this mix apart from others. Knowing this was something destined for the clubs and dance lovers, bass, rhythm and movement was the key. We triggered compression on the sub-frequencies of the mix bus from the kick-drums signal. It made the low end shape-shift and move, independently from everything else going on. With this done, there was a real comfort and sense of accomplishment in the air with what we had achieved.

We sent the initial mix off to both the label's A&R and Rore Grove who was traveling in Croatia at the time, we waited on a final thumbs up, which we got almost instantaneously.

Two weeks from receiving the final mix, the label had published the record to all major online platforms and received a premiere by Complex and a feature in Vents magazine. Since the release, Right-O has been using this music as a reference point for their live sets, acquiring and booking new shows and most importantly locking down venues for their national tour.

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