Tentendo X Majestic Casual Collection


The Mission

Producers spend, hours, days, weeks and sometimes even years, meticulously crafting the sonic details of songs they put together. Why? Because it's in their nature to obsessively obsess. Hearing Tentendo's initial mixes was a testament to this. His request was to make each and every song in his collection fit cohesively with one another, retain their unique sonic integrity and compete with the best in their style.

The Outcome

After a little back and forth to iron out some kinks I heard in the mixes, Tentendo attended an afternoon mastering session to see the magic happen. With the same care and attention for detail in the productions we worked away mastering the songs. Finishing up with a collection which best represented the sonic details of the original mixes, worked together as a collection and competed against the best in their style.

The Impact

The final masters framed what already existed as great songwriting, production and mixing and to that credit of Tentendo's masterful craftwork, they've now gone on to see some fair accomplishment being recognised alongside the best of what the music world has to offer.

Case Study #0571

The Majestic Casual Label prides itself on a track record for bringing the freshest, the best and the most unique and interesting sounds of the electronic world to their world wide audience of over 4 million subscribers. When Tentendo (Caleb) brought his productions to the table with the knowledge of having his music up and out to the scrutiny of the masses through Majestic Casual, he was very articulate in what he wanted and why he had come here for mastering; To showcase his detailed sound design, create a coherent catalogue of work and for it to present with the same qualities and fidelity in the same vain of the most relatable and successful records.

Session References

Knowing Tentendo's needs for the project ahead of the session I had a listening session, where I listened to the tracks, considered the needs of the project and quality controlled the mixes in the case where anything had "slipped through the cracks" during mixing which the mastering process didn't offer the autonomy to correct.

Overall, the mixes were presented in great fashion, only returning notes from my initial listening session to use some multi-band dynamic processing on one of the harmonically rich synths in the mid to low mid range as it was poking through the mix disproportionately and it was something that mastering could only remedy through a compromise in the sonic integrity of the final product.

Tentendo (Caleb) attended the session to master his records, and we enjoyed a great collaborative affair, which helped inform me of where I could push, pull, shape and shift the final masters for presentation and also offered a deeper insight to Tentendo about the inner-works of his production and what aspects worked in his favor on the final Masters and where there was room for improvement and development. After concluding a successful session, the following 6 months Majestic Casual rolled out each of his tracks accruing almost a total of 1 million streams across YouTube and Spotify. The tracks also received a string of solid press and public recognition from major industry influencers such as; Complex, Redbull Music, Mixmag, New Dance Beats Spotify playlist and New Music Friday Spotify playlist.

Related Records

Since that first session, Tentendo and the studio have maintained a working relationship, mastering records Tentendo has produced for TRQS (Yunizon Records), Thando and connecting the studio with fellow Majestic Casual artist, Dugong Jr, for his release, Voyager.


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