Intense, Aggressive tech-house mix downs.


The Mission

Producers who want to take their material to the next level need more than just a McDonalds mix-down (Send stems off get mix back, DONE). They need a combination of someone who listens and understands their needs, who also has the resources & experiences fit for their project. That is what Boi King Koi and his team were counting on for this EP.


Having mastered records at Panorama Boi King Koi was looking for someone to mix his Blackout EP for Hi-tech records and was interested to hear what he could achieve from mixing the record with Panorama. He was looking for a professional set of ears, opinion and experience to push his production that last 5%, with the aim of not only pleasing the label, but also to generate more bookings for live shows off the back of.

Many producers know, on top of trying to do everything; for your socials, chasing down gigs, promoting your work and pushing new projects and collabs, when you create something in your daw; it sounds HUGE, you click export; play it against other records, out in the club or on another system, and it doesn't hold up. You question yourself, go in circles and get grey hairs. Boi King Koi was in analysis paralysis, after meticulously crafting each sound with different layers, processing on groups and crafting a great sounding production, we utilised the mixing process to help act as a creative filter to allow the best come to surface.

Releasing a record for the local producers in Queensland and Australia's G-house / Tech house scene, Boi King Koi was looking to provide them two flavours; 1, Old school vibes and 2, New school fusion. We facilitated filtering down the best of these two flavours in a discovery session, where we detailed a brief of exactly what the sonic identity was of the production, why it was important to people in the local scene and how we were going to impact them.

Old school reference ; New school reference


The Results

Unexpectedly coming to surface during this discovery was what later on became a key feature of the productions, most notably in the Blackout single on the EP, was the automated panning of individual stems within the production.

Giving BoiKingKoi's production access to an accurate and faithfull playback system allowed us to make the correct decisions about things most artists and indecisive about during mixing; like how much bass should there be or if the vocals sitting too far forward or behind the mix.

Level matched -14 lufs

Down the line

Following a carefully crafted record, and mix which represented his production in a favourable manner, Boi has now signed and released a follow up single with the label and is currently planning his next two releases.

Boi King Koi’s EP With HiTech Records “ Blackout ”

Boi King Koi’s EP With HiTech Records “Blackout

Boi King Koi’s follow up single with Hi-Tech Records  “Shaolin Style”

Boi King Koi’s follow up single with Hi-Tech Records “Shaolin Style”




The Record

Blackout EP by Boi King Koi

The Label

Hi-Tech Records (Aus)