Levelling Up Carl Bahner's Mixes For His Clients.


The Mission

Carl Bahner, a producer and mixing engineer based in Lancaster, PA (USA) has seen an evolution in his clientele base. As clientele was changing, Carl needed a mastering engineer that fit the following criteria;

  • Had experience in indie-electronic styles.

  • Ears he could trust.

  • Provided fearless constructive criticism to provide push back in helping him develop the mixes.

The Outcome & Impact

As a bi-product of mastering at Panorama, Carl and I liaised closely on the mixes; regularly exchanging mix notes & discussing mixing techniques. This communication developed a great working relationship that extends beyond just the records on which we work. Carl's mixing signature and breadth continue to build by highlighting and creating awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of each mix and project, which passes the desk for mastering.

Case Study

Carl Bahner is a music producer, drummer and mixing engineer based in Lancaster, PA (USA), whos passion lies with music. Carl went to college for music when he began doing music professionally full time in 2009. Carl has maintained a decade long full-time career in an ever transitioning industry through an ability to be flexible and dive in headfirst to NEW musical situations. Starting as a session and touring drummer; he got into production out of boredom, doing remixes for friends bands while on tour. Carl gravitated as the years went on to where the excitement was; having a lot more fun working with other artists in the electronic scene - producing and mixing full time.

Ten years on; Carl is a motivated family man, motivated to be the best version of himself as he pursues an ever-growing career as an in-demand producer and engineer.

Constant improvement is always at the forefront of his mind. To help improve his sonic-results, he sought out a relationship with a mastering engineer which would enable him to get more fearless creatively during mixing. Carl, like most in the music industry, found me through word of mouth. He had several colleagues whom I had worked with, which lead him to reach out (At the time he didn't realize I was actually a mastering engineer). Through communicating feedback and notes before, during and after projects; we have now developed a rhythm which results in stronger mixes and better sounding masters; project after project.

From Carl Bahner

What did you expect at the time?

Honestly, I expected them to be sound pretty good, but they came back sounding fantastic! And the high level of communication that you had before, during, and after each project was both INSANELY helpful for a plethora of reasons, as well as inspiring to me as a professional with some subtle yet brilliant insight into client relations.

How have listeners responded?

I think well - as far as general public listeners/fans I'm not sure. But to be honest it's helped my productions and mixes sound significantly better, so when the "listener" is a potential client, they hear a phenomenal final product and have faith in both my own skills as well as the skills of the team I would be putting together for their songs.



Mix Feedback

Working Relationship

Successfully completed over 2 dozen projects in the past 8 months.