Once a week, I do something unusual...

I look back at all the projects and tasks I've worked through and ask myself the difficult questions, like; "What did I accomplished this week?", "What did I put off?", "How can I improve for next week?".

For me, this weekly review is a strategy to develop the efficiency experience and service the studio provides. 

For YOU; the engineer, producer, musician, artist; self-assessment is a robust development strategy which you can work in your favour. In the creative industries, we all lead busy lives; music may occupy you full-time, part-time or as a hobby between other work and study. It is important to assess where your strength and weaknesses lie, offering you foundations to develop upon.

Some of the difficult questions you can ask yourself...

Where do I spend most of my time doing on a production?
When do I find myself hitting a brick wall?
What am I ignoring or not spending time on?
Am I achieving the goals I set out for my projects?

What are another three questions you believe you should ask yourself to help develop your craft?