How to create space and clarity in your mix with arrangement

Today I'm writing to all the composer's arrangers and producers out there. The ones who feel the need to fill up their production with as many elements as possible. I'm here to tell you; you've got some insane talent, so stop trying to cover it up with bells and whistles, create a nice tight fit dress that allows the music to shine in all its real glory.

Why am I saying this? Because the most compelling parts of great music aren't the noise, but it's the silence. The pauses in melodies, the unison rhythms of guitars and drums, and the break right before a chorus comes in with immense power are what gives a lot of great music its emotional weight.

This works not only rhythmically but also harmonically, just because you're composition is in A minor doesn't mean you need to base all your instruments part around an A tonic, use complimentary keys like a C Major to help create some space especially in the low frequencies where everything can get very jumbled up and close together.