Studio Preparation Checklist for Rock and Metal Musicians

Metal mixing engineer Mike Trubetskov of EOL Studios has put together a studio preperation checklist for you! 

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Mike Trubetskov: "Throughout my career, I faced a fair bit of studio horror stories. In most of the cases, it would have been easy to prevent these just by knowing how the modern recording process works and what are the specific requirements on each step to fulfil. It's even more important for those of you who are looking to DIY record your band and have less studio knowledge. 

Therefore, I put together my experience as a Metal producer and created this checklist. It covers Pre-Production, Arrangement, Materials, Self-Recording, Studio Choice, Editing, Mixing and Mastering (and even more!) steps of the process and serves as a comprehensive guide to your next recording regardless or particular circumstances.

Use this checklist at your favour as it's absolutely free and doesn't require any sing-up bullshit. Share it with your friends if you find it valuable.

And I'm absolutely looking forward to hear your next outstanding record!"

Mix your next record with Mike Trubetskov.