Save Yourself The Headaches... The Professional Engineer's Toolkit


I’ve curated a list of plug-ins, plug-ins that have saved me hundreds and thousands of hours behind when working, and I wanted to share them with you.

During my career as an audio engineer, technology has come a LONG way in a short period. During this time I've slowly introduced new programmes/software into my workflow, that has been game changing.



Sample Magic, Magic A-B (£49.95)

Before this lovely plug-in was available on the market, valuable time would be spent setting up a separate channel with a playlist of reference material, grouping my mix channels only to want to flick back and forth between my mix and reference material.

This plug-in takes the cake. Place it on your mix bus and you can instantly switch back and forth between your mix and a bank of reference material. You can even set up and save playlists of reference material to load up as “presets”. 


Soundizer, Stereo Monoizer ($49 USD)

When importing provided stems for mixing, more often than not the majority if not all of them are in stereo format. Some of the stems do contain stereo information. However, sizable amounts are stereo stems with identical L+R information (mono). 

This plug-in is another big time saver; “you can automatically analyse audio files, determine their stereo content, and convert to the correct format, before you import into your DAW... …Drastically cut your CPU usage in a session, take up less space on your hard drive, and have better session file organisation.”


iZotope RX Spectral Repair  ($349 usd)

Too often little clicks, pops and artefacts are on the pre-master that preferably should be remedied in the mixing session. However, sometimes due to project deadlines this always isn’t an option.

Introducing iZotope RX Spectral Repair, quickly analyse passages of material, map out the waveform and graphically show problem area’s you may be hearing.

Then with Photoshop-esque tools, you can edit the waveform by highlighting and attenuating the identified problem areas.


Bluecat frequency analyser [FREE]

Although this particular piece of software doesn’t present anything “special”, it’s a very handy frequency analyser with easy to follow parameters.

Brainworx bx_solo [FREE]

Leave the best to last, and this is by far the most frequently used plug-in on the mix bus. Checking your mix in mono, and regularly is an absolute necessity, not to mention the added flexibility of being able to listen to your left and right channels independently. 

Nicholas Di Lorenzo