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Professional Mastering Engineers; The Unsung Heroes 🏆

I wanted to add something not so new, but not often discussed in the online dialogue regarding Mastering. Our job role as mastering engineers extend beyond the importance of dynamic control and tonal changes, but to the dialogue and rapport, we build with our clients through communications, the ability to quality control any unwanted elements that have slipped through onto the mix and also understanding and appreciating the musical nuances of different productions.

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🌏 Local/Attended or Remote/Unattended Sessions

Having been on both ends of the stick, working with local artists and labels here in Melbourne, Australia as well as artists and labels interstate and internationally, I thought it would be a great to create some dialogue about my experiences working on attended and unattended sessions.

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Looking For Mastering? What To Expect From A Professional Service!

So many horror stories of artists, producers and engineers expectations not being met when it comes to mastering, I thought I'd put a nail in the coffin on 3 things you should be expecting from a professional mastering service! If you're mastering service isn't providing you these 3 things at the very minimum it might be time to jump ship!

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